Not many pictures today; your intrepid reporter was firing the locomotive. It was a wonderful trip. We had a good stiff climb out of Stettler behind 41. After the first few miles I settled in and got comfortable and the trip to Big Valley was wonderful. At big valley two more antique tractors were arriving. They are amazing machines and the paintwork on them is stunning. Seeing them all running on the 3rd is going to be a great experience. At Big Valley we took water (we used half a tender, or around 2500 imperial gallons, on the 20-plus miles to Big Valley.

1392 was in the lead on our return trip to Stettler and worked much harder. The long climb to Caprona had both locomotives working hard. It was wonderful to listen to them and smell the steam and hot oil. We surprised a deer into making an amazing leap over a fence to escape the two black monsters. The train arrived at Stettler a few minutes early. Crews changed over and both locomotives took water and were greased for the next run. 1392 performed brilliantly!  Tomorrow promises to be another great day.