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Alberta Railway Museum Virtual Tour

Inside you will get to see a full 360 degree view of some of your favourite Railway Museum attractions including the St. Albert Station, the telegraphers office, steam engine 73, and the interiors of many cars that we have to offer here.

The tour is available across all platforms including desktop and mobile.

This tour is interactive, meaning you control what areas you would like to see and the ability to click/tap things when prompted with the ‘Click me!’ animation to get cool close up videos or an explanation from our archivist and director, Hans Huizinga! Please watch the video for detailed instructions on maneuvering your way through your tour. We hope you enjoy!


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NO SMOKING of any type is allowed anywhere on the museum grounds.  This includes the museum’s parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation.

Since the museum is an industrial site, for the safety of your dog, and for the safety of our other visitors, please leave your dog at home. Service dogs are of course welcome.

We regret that not all of the museum’s grounds and collection are wheelchair accessible. Baby and child strollers are not recommended for touring the site. Plan to bring a carrier.

Rail Safety

All visitors are reminded that this is an industrial site and that proper footwear is necessary. Please obey all warning signs, DO NOT CLIMB on the equipment and pay attention to uneven entrances in display cars. Visitors ride on equipment at their own risk.


The Museum supports the efforts of Canada’s railways to promote safety. We highly recommend that our guests also visit the Operation Lifesaver website. There you’ll find more information about rail safety, including in-person presentations, videos, and other resources.


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