The Alberta Railway Museum Archives are located at the Provincial Archives of Alberta at 8555 Roper Road, in Edmonton.

On Site Searches:
Click on to access the Provincial Archives of Alberta database. Select Search and click on the “Search AtoM”. Then type in “Alberta Pioneer Railway Association” or “Alberta Railway Museum” in the search field.

Here is a sample of the images you will find in various collections including Vince Coley personal fonds, Norm Corness personal fonds and Herb Dixon’s. Also included in the museum’s archives is the George Faulder Technical Library and the John Rechner Memorial Library.

Fee Structure for the APRA Archives
The following fee structure is effective June 1, 2017


  1. PHOTOGRAPHS – Categories of photographs: All prints at 300 DPI
    • 5 x 7: $30.00
    • 8 x 10: $40.00
    • 11 x 14: $50.00
  2. SLIDES – Prints only
    • Black & White: $20.00
    • Colour: $20.00
  3. SCANNED IMAGE to Disc /Flashdrive – One image: $15.00
  4. REPRODUCTION OF PLANS – Blueprint: $35.00
  5. RESEARCH FEES – $40.00 per hour (minimum I hour) for Research done by Archivist.
  6. POSTAGE CHARGES – Calculated for each package
  7. HANDLING CHARGE – A 15% charge to the total of a large (plans, multiple prints) order

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The Museum supports the efforts of Canada’s railways to promote safety. We highly recommend that our guests also visit the Operation Lifesaver website. There you’ll find more information about rail safety, including in-person presentations, videos, and other resources.


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